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Peter Munro is a Scottish artist living in the Highlands.

He studied initially at Burslem School of Art, North Staffordshire, to foundation level, after which he was accepted at Chelsea School of Art, from where he graduated with an honours degree in fine art (drawing and painting).

Since then his paintings have been widely exhibited throughout  the UK and abroad in the USA, Canada, Holland, Sweden and Germany. His work has been frequently selected for inclusion in the prestigious Birds in Art exhibition, an annual event held at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wasau Wisconsin. Some of his paintings have also been sold through Christie's.

Commissions both private and corporate have accounted for much of his output. Veuve Cliquot, Holland and Holland, and the Swarovski Family having been amongst his many clients over the years.

His influences and inspiration have come from a wide range of genres. Oriental art, British Impressionism, the Glasgow Boys, and elements of the Pop Art movement, to name but a few. He also holds great respect for a number of twentieth century illustrators, Sir Frank Brangwyn, N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell being some of the best. "These guys were indeed real masters of their craft."

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